·         Introduction

o    Introduction to Multimedia, Motivation and Applications

o    Signals and Waves

o    Analog and Digital Data

o    Sampling and Quantization

·         Audio

o    Introduction to Digital Audio

o    Representing Audio Data

o    WAV Audio Format

o    Audio Data Compression

o    MP3

·         Image

o    Image Data Representation

o    Color Models

§  RGB

§  YCbCr

o    Main Image File Formats

§  Bitmap Files

§  Lossless Image Compression

·         Run-length Coding (pcx )

§  Lossy Image Compression

·         Cosine Transform Based Coding (jpeg)

·         Video

o    Video Data and the Need for Compression

o    Video Compression Standards


§  H263

§  H264

·         Streaming Multimedia over the Internet

o    Scalable Video Coding

o    Multiple Description Coding